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Bagya Sexology center in Coimbatore ,Tamil nadu to cure men’s penis erection weakness,semen count improvement ,small size improvement and premature ejaculation. - Urinary Incontinence-Hypnotherapy
From: Dr.Mrs.Vandana Singh Raghuvanshi

Pressure on Neck & Urinary Incontinence

(Only SRT in 70 Years old Women)

Subject: A 70 year old woman with pressure on throat and chest,                                                                                urinary continence leading to dripping of urine on floor mainly in night, unrest (off and on). No medical cause, all reports normal.

Sessions: Two (With Interval of One Week)

1st Session:
Scanning: - Brown grey color in pelvis. Felt a lot of unrest when 

she visualized it. On personification none came forward. Healing time 10 minutes brown grey released in light at appointed place.

On chest was black color. She suddenly felt like looking at someone and got afraid. With help of rescuing in white light blackness was released to appointed place in white light.

She felt too tired. Aura strengthening was done. Session closed.

Was advised to follow up after 1 Week.

2nd Session:

Scanning: Clear pelvis and clear chest. On throat pressure and yellow color. Suddenly she felt heat coming from back of the spine and reaching to the neck thus suffocating her.


Dr.VSR: Pressure, just release her neck and look within your own heart area for your own white light on counting of 3...1.2.3....

Sub: Oh I am relieved. Feeling better.

Personification of pressure, heat and yellow color has been done.

Dr.VSR: How long were you here?

Sub: 25 years

Dr.VSR: Who are you? And why are you’re here?

Sub: An old man is watching me. He was our neighbor. He died 25 years ago. He was suffering from prostate problem. He used to walk along the common wall on his side. He used to urinate on the wall on his side frequently.

Dr.VSR: Sir, communicate directly. I know you saw white light within you. Speak now.

Sub: I watched my house from her home. My son and daughter in law are childless and fight daily. They adopted a girl child. I have such a big house. I am very angry.

Dr.VSR: Counseling (philosophy of life and death, karma theory).

Was asked to see up in light for his wife and dear ones. Was  ultimately agreed to be sent to light.



1) Her chest is light. There is no pressure on throat. Back is feeling better.

2) Her Husband told their neighbor died after surgery for BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) due to surgical complications.

Review after 20 days:

1)    Urinary inconsistency stopped

2)    No suffocation on neck and chest.

3)   Unrest still persists.


1)    Twin heart meditation and rooting with Earth. To bless Earth planet daily

2)   Evaluation Session after 45 days to see if unrest still persists and if there is requirement of another session.

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