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sir, and members,

a lady came to me, divorced and second marriage also difficult. always in-secured with finance and relationship.

v analytic, but did go into trance.SRT was done. they left without any difficulty.

she only saw destruction. first she saw lava flowing from mountains and fire evwhere. she was in an animal form.

next she saw destruction s in tsunami, bldgs and bridges and towers flowing in water.she couldnt see herself but was watching from up.

then she saw herself as a fish, floating in a huge body of water. and flowing thru a huge water fall.

at last she saw herself in human form, with a prince who ditched her. lived lonely life after that.she watched herself dyeing and moving up feeling sad and lonely.

she did merge into blue light.

she could not reach to her current problems.

I am sure she needs more PLR, but can anyone derive anyth from this?

any solution to her current problems?


I choose not to derive anything personally out of the sessions.Let the client take over and proceed therapy with his speed n understanding..his/her subconscious becomes the guiding force here. You just need to figure out ,,where to give open ended n closed ended questions so as to aid maximum resolution. You may wish to take the client through PLRT but during the session his first instances are that of an inner child..what do u do??? so just let the therapy flow and take its course...focus on open ended question so that the client answers on his own revealing his belief systems to you. You should work on those beliefs..Use various techniques simultaneously ..don't focus on just one mode of therapy.

Please read the following..its just what I may like it not like it..wish to follow it or not..I am stating it only as an example...

1);The first command that I give when I know that the client is is trance is to tell them- " go in your time n space where the issue first came from".

With this command they may either have an age regression or past life..whatever is appropriate for them.

2).Mere viewing is life does not resolve it..use owrds like what is the learning from this scene or event..view other significant events in the life of this person...It is very important to keep on letting the client view and simultaneously resolve the emotions..may be through E.E.T/ EFT.

3). Always take the person to death scene in the particular life he/she is watching for resolution. Unless n untill resolution happens at death..the emotional release of that life is not complete. It is the emotion that one carries at death which hampers the present life. So please be sure of resolving through asking "so what do u think was the intended learning in this life?' u think u have now understood?..can u now relate your present life with the one you just viewed?...what is the resolution according to you..?? Do residual energy exchange with that energy n this life times..

(you stated that she moved into the light- moved without resolution..because even though she viewed a life she did not see the connect..sad and lonely were her feelings....which she carries till now..also help her forgive the prince comes the spiritual learning bit. talk to her about life paths n choices..about power of forgiveness...ask her to see beyond human forms and seek higher guidance..there is a lot u cqan do at this level)

4). I never send to the light..beacuse as an individual it is not my right to..let the universe take care of it. I always comand..I call upon the masters angels and guides to please guide this energy where ever appropriate.

when dealing with ETs / Soul fragments/ attachments..after verification of there presence

1) go in your space to see the first time they came into

2)what happened at that time..get in touch with your emotions and feelings.....

3) what need within u does this spirit fulfill??? (major question) we all function to fulfill our emotional needs. A person attracts fragments n souls in their space to fulfill a void..figure this void and heal this so that the client does not attract foreign energies in future

4). Energy exchange between the energy and the client is important. Make sure to do energy exchange in every it relations ..its about our relationship with our issue..let the negative energies be taken away.
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