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You can ! If you think you can !! Who said there is no way or treatment for your sexual weakness? Master Hypnotist.

Bagya Sexology center in Coimbatore ,Tamil nadu to cure men’s penis erection weakness,semen count improvement ,small size improvement and premature ejaculation. - CATEGORIES OF SPIRITS (ATTACHMEN​TS)

Dear All,
          We have learnt or  experienced that there are Good Souls and good as well as bad (Evil) Spirits. Many of us may not believe  but it  has been  now experienced by me that as good souls have different categories, in the same way  Spirits can  also  be categorised in different classes.  They have different  nature, likings/disliking and powers also. Hence different  techniques, quantum of powers  etc are required  to manifest (make them appear) them and subsequently remove them.

        I have been removing Spirits (Attachments) by normal method of SRT mentioned in our various earlier emails, within 2-3 minutes after completion of my communication with them. But  a few cases  of recent past have changed my horizon.

        In one of the case of 26 yrs old  lady, who was non-believer of  God & past life, the Attachment  appeared. But he was so ferocious & aggressive that during our conversation he started twisting neck of the lady slowly slowly to the extent of its breakage.  Non of the technique worked to convince him to leave body of that lady. And at last I had to take help of my Spiritual  powers to force him to leave the girl.

     Again in a recent case on  07 Jul 2011, attachment could not be traced during body scan done  twice, where as seeing condition of the patient I was suspecting  one. I was disappointed. But suddenly something struck to me and I chanted some Mantras. The attachment appeared. But he was  very  aggressive. He started  twisting one of the arm of the patient to the extent that the patient started crying with pain. The attachment was dancing with joy. We requested him to leave, go to light, do some good job in life etc but he started twisting other arm of the patient also. Lastly to save the patient I had to take  help of my Spiritual Powers.  The  Spirit  was forced to leave.  The patient was releaved.  I could save his life.

     Lesson learnt is – a therapist must prepare himself to face all contingencies. Secondly, he must  have methods to shield himself. Thirdly –  There are    thousands of things are yet to learn in this wonderful word.
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