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You can ! If you think you can !! Who said there is no way or treatment for your sexual weakness? Master Hypnotist.

Bagya Sexology center in Coimbatore ,Tamil nadu to cure men’s penis erection weakness,semen count improvement ,small size improvement and premature ejaculation. - Sexology and hypnotherapy
We are offering holistic cure for sexual problems of men and women
Hypnotherapy, Past life regression,
Age regression,
Spirit release therapy, Mind energy healing and grief therapy.

Use Hypnotherapy and Pranic healing for
healthy mind and body.


Hypnotherapy sessions help you in sexual dysfunction
Poor erection
Small penis
Low hormone
Poor facial hair
Masturbation myths
Hair fall
sex conversion
Sperm count low/poor motility
Watery semen
Semen leakage in urine
Low/high body weight
Premature ejaculation
Addiction – masturbation
repeated abortions
Masculine female
Sleep disturbance
Nerve weakness
Poor sex desire
Fear of Aids
Sex myths
Uterine diseases
Low esteem
Tremor in hand
Small testis
Loss of memory
Hair fall
Hanging scrotum
Drug addiction
This is how you have hypnotherapy!
1.You are totally aware of your surroundings; remember everything and you are the one performing the therapy.
2.You are not put under sleep or sedation.
3.You are guided to enter your subconscious mind and work for your mind health.
4.You are guided to visualize the issue and directed to find the origin of the issue in your past.
  • A moment when you were scolded for being not masculine, expressive, performing successful and bold by your father or a dear one.
  • A life scene where you were told that you are not for good sex since the penis is small, weak and non erect by a male friend or a female partner.
  • The orthodox upbringing in Indian culture where you believed that masturbation, sex, sexual fantasies, reading books etc are sins.
  • If you were sexually tortured by an adult when you were a child
  • If you felt that you are attracted by the same sex and felt that you are different from others of your sex by being homo.
  • If you feel that you are unfit to be a male any more since your attitude is feminised or the other people are telling that you are looking, walking, talking and behaving like a female.
  • If you feel that you are hormonally not a male since your breasts are little big.
  • If you feel that you are unfit to satisfy your wife in sex.
  • If you get attracted by a woman older than you and always feel that you are good sexually with them and not with your own wife.
  • Fear of AIDS and guilt feeling after having sex with another female or male.
  • Not able to have mind free sex when the wife /husband's past love/sexual life was revealed.
  • Feeling guilty of a sex/love affair.
5.You are given different techniques to heal the memory /thought forms which make you behave in this particular pattern with sexual dysfunction etc…
6.You are instructed to analyse the problem or behaviour of yours from its origin and guided to reframe /restructure the behaviour and memory in that subconscious mind state to a constructive positive and productive habit.
7.Self assertion is done after healing the weak organ of sexuality in the energy level, mind and positive attitude implanted in the subconscious mind for complete cure. This is to work as the framework on which the mind works to health in future.
8.Healing is done to related issues identified by your own mind at that moment and you are brought back to the normal conscious level.
9.Walk with light heart and happy mind to face the new world with confidence and joy.
10.This will reduce the treatment time and medicine intake.
For many clients one session is enough to get the healing process to begin. But we recommend 1 to 4 sessions for an issue for complete care.

Details of other treatment methods avialable in our centre

Hypnotherapy indicated in the following issues.
Concentration and memory,
Sleep disturbances
sexual dysfunction,
loss of a loved one,
love failure,
fears and phobias,
childhood traumas,
depression and anxiety,
Physical and mental disharmony,
Black magic.

Treatments offered in Bagya health centre.
Past life regression
Age regression
Spirit release therapy
Pranic healing
Allopathic and herbal medicine -For selected issues
Acupuncture and crystal healing

Test taken-
Aura -energy field photography-PIP
Kirlian GDV energy research
Testing done measuring the energy vibration around the body-RFI
Test for sexual dysfunction.
Master Hypnotist
Dr. K. R. Gomatthi M.B., B.S.,
M.CSEPI (Member of council of sex education and parenthood International),
Certified Adolescent Health Counsellor,
Advanced Pranic Healer and Pranic Psychotherapist.
0422 4385110
Dr.S.K.Chinnaswamy.M.Sc.,DMHS.,(Medicinal herbalism),
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Dr.Gomatthi /Dr.Chinnaswamy Sexology centre

22, Alagesan Road,
Near Suzuki show room-Maverck Gym(Mettupalayam road),
Saibaba Mission Post,
Coimbatore - 641 011.
Tamil Nadu - India
+91-422 - 2449934,
0422- 4385110
Our web site is for the service of the global people.

Sex consultant.
Past life regression therapist,
Spirit release therapist,
Pranic healer.
Spiritual healer.
Adolescent health counselor
Suicide prevention help
Infertility help
Premarital help
Sex is not a taboo !
Fast ejaculation is not a fate!
Poor erection is not permanent !
Small size penis is not your birth mark,it can be increased permanently.

Sex is the art which u also can master.

Allopathic way of treatment is available with us now .

Who said there is no way for your sexual weakness?
Its not secretly, sensually,miraculously,magically you are cured but by scientifically proven methods you are taken care of in our clinic.
No shyness,shame,anxiety,fear is needed when coming for treatment.

No surgery,
No injection in the penis,
No handling.
No porn,
No vigilance
No admission,
No emergency,
No recording of data .
We maintain privacy and keep your visits safe.

Come with confidence !
We are here to help you !!
You are in good hands !!!

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Dr. K. R. Gomatthi M.B., B.S., P.G.Dip in Yoga and naturopathy., M.CSEPI,Advanced Pranic healer and Pranic Psychotherapist,Hypnotherapist,Grief therapist