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You can ! If you think you can !! Who said there is no way or treatment for your sexual weakness? Master Hypnotist.

Bagya Sexology center in Coimbatore ,Tamil nadu to cure men’s penis erection weakness,semen count improvement ,small size improvement and premature ejaculation. - Guestbook

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Time:09/09/2009 at 3:47pm (UTC)
Message:Hi..Madam I am Ramesh...From MADRAS...My Problem IS My Pennis So Very Long And More Tember...I am More Sexual Person to My Wife..But My was Not Company With us...So What to do in My Sex to Wife ?

Time:08/21/2009 at 9:32am (UTC)
Message:Hi mam,i am 22 years old single man.i was doing masturbation for the past 6 months.will do 2 or 3 times in a week.while doing masturbation will ejaculate with in 2 mini.i am so scared about that.and one more thing is my penis size is 12cm while in full erection. its enough to satisfy my partner in future and while doing masturbation i will follow start-stop method for long time.but while i am feeling to come i will stop.on that erection will suddenly lose. but in early morning time penis erection is good. but while seeing some girls in streets penis erection is not good....what can do for that?can i take any treatment for this before marriage? or its all are normal? i was so scared abt tell me the solution for this as soon as possible.......And one more thing is seeing adult pic and video it will cause any problem.....

Time:08/03/2009 at 9:59pm (UTC)
Message:Hi mam, I dont know english,so said in tamil. B'coz my age is 25. i am not married. My problem is Ponnugalap patri sexyaga nenachalo, ella parthalo, ponnugatta mobile paysunalo,bus or autola ponnuga pakkathula ukkanthirunthalo automatica en vuruppu viraippaga aagidurathu, athoda matumallamal konjam konjamaga vinthu veliyavum vanthu vidugirathu. Ethanal en thirumana valkaikku ethum pathipu varuma? Ennal mulumaiyaga vuravil edupadamudiuma?enakku enna piratchanai, pls say clearly.... ungal pathilukkaga kathirukkirayn mam........

Time:07/23/2009 at 4:16pm (UTC)
Message:Dear Mam,
I am bachelor and one of my friend said that in a parlour in his native they provide suck my penis for blow job by Chinky girls. Iam excited to take a trial although i have not tried yet one.
Pls suggest is it fine to give my penis for sucking? Will I get AIDS or any other STDs if I do it?
I want to enjoy it there anyway of having safe oral sex so that I am not affected.
Pls advice.

Time:07/22/2009 at 5:22am (UTC)
Message:hi mam, for me everything normal sexualy i am satidfied but suddenly from past one year my pennis outer skin is not opening ., even while having sex pennis outer skin is not comming back pls advise to proceed

Time:07/14/2009 at 2:33pm (UTC)
Message:Mam my boobs did ot reduce and and husband suck it but no reducing and i am praganent so what can i do

Time:07/13/2009 at 6:08am (UTC)
Message:Hi madam,
Thanks for ur answer to my question. Kindly give me some advise to stop bleeding because of this copper T. ;-) ;-)

Time:07/01/2009 at 9:57am (UTC)

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