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Dr.Newton on Past life regression.
Past life regression therapy
Mr.Kumar was a young man, 30 years of age, and an IT professional from Chennai having an almost perfect life, or so it seemed….
Every night, in his sleep, he went through the same nightmarish dream that had him waking up drenched in sweat and shaking. Every night he would find himself piloting an aircraft soaring through the skies and all of a sudden the plane would be out of his control. Every night he went through the experience of being involved in a gruesome air-crash leaving him totally distraught and a nervous wreck. This recurring experience left him a victim of irrational fears and frequent panic-attacks.
Quite often truth is stranger than fiction; real-life stories pale in comparison with real-life stories. The life of Mrs. Rao was one such story. The daily soaps and the villainy they often portray in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was nowhere close to what Mrs.Rao experienced in her life for real.
She confessed to feeling extreme hatred towards her mother-in-law. Although areas of friction and stress did exist between the two, it did not explain the level of hatred that emanated from her towards the woman. They seemed to do nothing else but plot and plan to out-wit each other in causing hurt and pain at all times of the day.
Things had come to a point where these ill-feelings started to affect her relationship with her husband and other family members as well. Everything and everyone associated with her mother-in-law became worthy of her displeasure. Her hatred for her mother-in-law and begun to consume her. She was quite plainly at her wits end trying to understand these feelings that were often out of context.
Mr.Tiwari returned home after another weary day at work. His back problem was playing up again, and this time it was almost intolerable. This pain was no stranger to him – it had been a part of his life for the past 25 years.
There were, in fact, two problems that had taken on demonic proportions and harassed him on a daily basis. The most tragic factor was that there seemed to be no getting away from either of them. The first was his irresolvable problem with his father that seemed to only get worse with passing time and, the second, was the chronic pain in his lower back – corresponding exactly with a huge birth-mark – which just refused to go away.
The constant bickering with his father, his disapproving remarks, the derogatory labels and name-calling that he had become accustomed to would constantly repeat themselves in his mind. He had been to enough doctors, specialists and therapists on one hand and relationship counselors on the other. He had received no lasting help from any of those doors he had knocked.
All of the above are examples of common problems that people encounter in their lives – common not because they are easily dealt with, but common because almost everyone seems to be grappling with one of the above conditions – or a variant of the same – in their lives. Repetitive nightmares, fears and phobias; persistently difficult relationships; chronic ailments that seem to come from nowhere and for no reason, and stubbornly refuse to go away – these apparently trivial problems have the potential to quietly but surely take over your entire life, leaving you searching for that elusive solution.
Past-life Regression Therapy is the panacea that can bring life back on track. Past-life Regression Therapy is an integral part of New Age Holistic Therapy. It works on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Its chief objective is to make our life easier, better and more fulfilling, in this present moment. Past-life therapy ignores external symptoms and addresses itself solely to the internal causes. It is a universally accepted means of healing and has been well documented by modern medical science. 90% of present-life maladies, present-life illnesses, and present-life diseases - all have past-life connections!
Past-life Regression Therapy is based on two fundamental principles - re-incarnation and cause and effect (also known as the Law of Karma). Reincarnation is the belief that, having inhabited a different body, in another time and possibly place, and having then died, someone returns again to earth in a new body, or in other words, `reincarnates`. What has been set in motion at that time in the past creates an appropriate effect on a person`s current physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well-being, now. The cause may be a past desire, a past thought, a past feeling, a past emotion, a past vow, a past promise, a past decision a past evasion or a past traumatic experience.
Reincarnation is an accepted fact since ancient times and evidence of this is found in the literature of the Egyptians, Tibetans, Celts and many other ancient civilizations. Pythagoras, the sixth century B.C. Greek mathematician and mystic, claimed to have lived many other lives, including that of a Trojan warrior, a prophet, a peasant, a prostitute and a shopkeeper. Plato, the fifth century B.C. philosopher and sage was fully convinced of reincarnation, and he offered a theory on how the soul gradually ascends (or descends) through nine degrees of righteousness in a series of rebirth experiences.
The conscious mind is less than 10% of our mind. It is only the tip of the iceberg. Hidden beneath is the subconscious mind wherein the sum total experiences of all our lifetimes are stored. It is these memories which are awakened during past life regression. In fully experiencing or reliving the past, in reconnecting to `lost parts of the self, in integrating previously unacceptable facets, or in allowing oneself to fully feel the feelings and emotions of that life, and in reframing and rewriting the past -in all this - profound natural healing takes place instantly and automatically.
While healing and relief from the perceived trauma are the most obvious and immediate effects of undergoing past-life regression, the more significant outcome is by way of the spiritual awakening that almost always accompanies such an experience. In the words of the great Greek philosopher Socrates, `An unexamined life is not worth living`. Past life regression is one of the best of New-age techniques specially designed to invigorate the spirit of modern man by making him explore into himself, that is, his/her past lives.
It has been rightly said that `Enjoyment is directly proportional to Enlightenment.` Meditation and the study of Spiritual Science increase our level of enlightenment and this in turn enables us to enjoy our lives more completely. Until we reach total enlightenment, we continue to go through a seemingly endless cycle of birth and death. Our soul takes on and discards different bodies one after the other in much the same manner as we change our clothes.
The concept of past life regression is not something new. It can be found in the teachings of Krishna, Mahavira, Buddha and Patanjali. Mahavira called the process of remembering past lives `Jati Smaran`. Buddha remembered all his past lives and the memories of his past lives have been written down in the `Jataka Tales`. In the `Bhagavad-Gita Krishna tells Arjuna that he remembers all his past lives. Patanjali called the technique of Past Life Regression as Prati-Prasav or bringing effect back to cause
Knowledge of past lives may be accessed through spontaneous visions, flashbacks, dreams, deja vu, or it can be induced through past life regression techniques. It may come out of the blue or be triggered by a place or a person, or by touching a part of another family, another place.
In the case of Mr. Kumar of the first example, he was able to trace the first occurrence of his nightmare to the first time he had traveled by a plane when he was about 10 years of age. That experience had triggered a past-life recall and he connected to an air-crash in his past life when he was the pilot of the plane that had crashed. The irrational fear that he was accustomed to feeling in his present life was clearly the memory of what he had been through in his past life. It had stayed on to live through him in this life. The panic-attacks that he suffered now came from the sense of losing control that was so real and devastating in that earlier life that he carried it with him into this life as well. Above all else, the reason for those nightmares was explained.
Mrs. Rao`s problems with her mother-in-law were resolved amicably when, during regression, she relived several past lives that the two women had shared under varying circumstances. She recognized the karmic pattern that had formed between herself and the person who is her mother-in-law in this life. She realized that they seemed to be bonded into a pact of helping each other learn about human relationships. In the larger context, she understood the dynamics that work through all human relationships based on what she discovered through this one personal example.
Mr. Tiwari`s chronic back-pain, as it turned out, was the result of one of the most fascinating phenomenon that is encountered in the field of Past-life Regression Therapy and that is `cellular memory.` As we commonly understand, our body perishes after death and disintegrates. But, the memories of the experiences of the earlier body is maintained intact and transferred on to the `new` body when the soul incarnates again. Mr.Tiwari was a clear case in point.
Besides understanding that a stab injury leading to his death in a past life was the direct cause of his inexplicable back pain, he also realized that his problems with his father in this life emanated from the same past-life. His father was also his father in that life time and they had shared a similar personal equation in that life as well - one of constant bickering and fault-finding. He needed to understand that self-approval was more important than approval from an outside source even if it were from his own father.
Also, the presence of this person in his life once again acted as a trigger in activating the cellular memory of the injury. The other interesting aspect that further validated his experience was the location of the birth-mark on his back. He realized during the course of regression that it was the exact same spot that he had been stabbed in that past-life.

The subject who undergoes Past Life Regression is born again in memory. This helps in going to the root cause of the problem. Effects cannot be solved unless they are guided back to the cause. Just like a tree, which keeps growing back any number of times if it is cut off but does not grow back when uprooted, the effects vanish when guided back to the cause.
Some of the indications of problems related to past lives are:
Suicidal thoughts or attempts
• Obsessive compulsive disorder/ Obsessive compulsive neurosis
• Chronic fatigue
• Extreme eating disorders/ weight problems
• Unexplained chronic pain or illness
• Unexplained phobias and inappropriate fears
• Recurring dreams about traumatic deaths
Past life regression can help in all these cases.
The benefits of past-fife regression are many:
• Healing of chronic diseases is brought about through the understanding of karmic patterns and the removal of energy blockages.
• Relief from all kinds of specific phobias by having an understanding of their specific causes, which in many cases are present in the previous lives.
• Improvement in inter-personal relationships, thus putting an end to baseless clashes and friction with ones lifetime relations.
• Freedom from the fear of death as a far wider and deeper perspective on the cycle of life and death is gained.
• Helps to retrieve talents and skills from other lifetimes.
• Helps to know the purpose of ones life by viewing the blueprint for this lifetime.
• Helps in taking a leap in their Spiritual Awakening.
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